Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Government VS My Bladder.

So. The good people over at King's Cross have decided that their most pressing worry is public urination.

Fair enough.

To this end, they have provided public urinals out in the street.

I have two problems with this;

1. Ick. So men are going to be standing around, in the street, pissing behind a small strip of semi-circular plastic, but otherwise exposed? I get to hear them pissing, I get to experience the foul stench of a urinal, and I get to see them standing there holding their dicks?

That's revolting. Excretion is a disgusting business, and I'd rather it not be made so public.

Yes, without the urinals, the guys would probably just do the same thing on nearby trees.. but in such cases, I would be at perfect liberty to shout a disgusted, "EW, pig!" and be in the right. With these urinals, I can't, because the government has sanctioned their public urination by providing these filthy stands. 

2. Hello government, I'm a girl, you might have heard of me? My urination needs are equal to that of guys'. 

Why do I not have a nifty little stall to conveniently do my business in?

Do you know how hard it is to find a good place to pee in the city? You have to literally wait in line for 20 minutes at McDonald's to use the facilities, and virtually no other place lets the general public use their facilities. 

Do you know what us girls do in the frequent event where we can't find a toilet in time?


I have peed in parks, behind bushes, behind trees, because there are no facilities provided for me. 

The only difference between me and guys? I don't piss on peoples' doorsteps, I don't make it public when I piss, and I don't piss in full view of absolutely everyone, because I have this little thing called common decency.

So, end result?

Because I don't piss people off with my incessant public urination, nobody campaigns for me to have better facilities, and my needs go unmet.

Thanks, government. How hard would it have been for you to install a unisex toilet instead of a male-specific one?



  1. LOL that is hilarious, if you gotta go, you gotta go... LOL, but seriously, and to be honest guys have no real excuse (unless drunk, which may be the case in most cases) since men have the ability to hold on the urge to urinate better than women can, due to the biological make-up (i.e. larger bladders, smaller and extended urethras, etc...). But for men it is a rite-of-passage and a 'animalistic' instinct to mark one's territory that many think why men like to do such acts, I don't except in the woods when there were no public/private bathrooms (the wilderness is an open to all bathroom lol).

  2. Haha, I would like to say, I completely agree with you. I wouldn't want to watch some dude I don't know walk up to a urinal and start letting it out. Who knows what perverts are going to do in those things. You'll be walking by and some guy will just be whacking his winky right in front of you. Yes, they should keep them private.

  3. two things:

    1) Population and mobility is increasing so things like this are only going to get worse.

    2) The reason why women don't piss in public more often is because they have been socialized to view it as a shameful behavior. I, a male, share the female perspective and as such will hold my piss until a real bathroom is available. Ladies and gentlemen do the world a favor and shame your children.

  4. Funny post, if its true then eww i would not like to see it. ok i would lmao but i am in a girls home so don't get to see much.and only if the guy was so cute and sexy then it might be ok?

  5. Hi there,

    Did you made the first photo of this post?
    It is an hilarious one...

    Have a good day.

  6. Simon; I KNOW, RIGHT?! Assholes!

    Kelly; Thank god someone other than me sees sense!

    Drone; I know, but we still do it. Like someone else said, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go, shame be damned. Your bladder doesn't give a fuck about conditioning (unfortunately). So girls do end up peeing in public. AND WE REQUIRE FACILITIES.

    Justina; You're lucky.

    dead-girl; Lol, no matter how cute, I don't think I'd enjoy his urine.

    Rambling; No.. no I did not, lol.

  7. women can pee in urinals, you just need one of those tube things


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