Sunday, November 14, 2010

Henceforth, I have no option but to be naked.

"Why, god, why?!", you ask?!

Because most clothing stores do not sell clothing in my size anymore. Can you believe it?!

I blame the obesity epidemic (as well as retailers' lack of integrity). No, I'm not going to rant about how much I hate self-brought-upon obesity, that's not the issue anymore.

NOW what I cannot understand is why the fucking clothing stores have actually MADE THE SIZES BIGGER. I used to fit a Small. Now they've made a Small the size of what a Medium used to be, BUT STILL CALL IT SMALL?!?!

What kind of heinous deception of the masses is this?! It's one thing to cater to the rising number of obese people and sell bigger clothes.. but QUITE ANOTHER to try and trick the fat ones into thinking they are the size of a 'small' or a 'medium' when they would really be a large, or an extra large!

I mean, what the fuck?!  Is the industry collectively trying to raise fat peoples' self esteem now?! Is this their idea of humanitarian service?! HOW ABOUT PAYING THE CHILDREN THAT WORK FOR THEM OVERSEAS A REASONABLE WAGE INSTEAD?!

So whilst I trudge around in 4-year-old clothes from back when they sold shit in my size, the land-whales strut around like they own the place, in their "SMALL" tshirts.

It's a fucking travesty.

Make no mistake, I'm glad they have clothes.


  1. I've always tried to be tolerant, but I have an instinctive negative reaction whenever I see a fat person. I keep wondering whether they ever noticed they were getting bigger and tried to do something about it. It's the old couch potato syndrome: they've never learned to exercise, and they've always been self-indulgent. There are only two things you can do sat on a couch: eat, and watch TV. Neither is good for you.

    By the way, if life really does suck, you won't thank me for saying that I feel sorry for you. I have a different perspective, probably because I have far fewer years left on this planet than you, but here in Hong Kong (out in the country) life is pretty good. It doesn't mean I don't get pissed off [Cycling in Hong Kong describes a couple of examples], but I'm able to take a relaxed approach to most things nowadays. Life is a learning curve.

    Oh yes. I don't like stupid people either.

  2. I sympathise with those whose parents set them on a path to unhealthy eating habits.. but there comes a time in your life, like late adolescence at least, when you should realise that it's not right.

    Lucky you. I find that it's hard to enjoy life when you see the stupidity in every little thing that people do or say.

    *dramatic sigh*

  3. I recently went through the same thing with buying pants. I found a REALLY cute pair, in my size, and since I'm a 7, they don't have those often so I was pretty damn happy to find cute jeans in my size. I went to try them on, and they were SO small and tight. I looked at the tag, and it said "size 7, fit 6"

  4. (Jamaican accent) 6 million way to get fat, choose one. Some people learn it from their parents, some use comfort food to stop feeling sad at a point in time, some people just like to snack. They should be understood compassionately, because outward appearance effects how you feel about yourself.

  5. I love fat people and I am glad the world is getting fatter. :)

  6. @Darren; Hey man, I like to snack too. You don't think I'd love to have McDonald's for breakfast lunch and dinner? Because I would! But I have taught myself self-control! You think chocolate doesn't make me feel better too?! But what ALSO releases endorphins, and is healthy.. is exercise!

    @Anon; Lol, well things seem to be going your way then! But I hope you also love me being naked or clothed in potato sacks, because that's what it's going to come to.

  7. I love that after two kids and 10 extra lbs, I can still wear a "small." But what I think is really awesome is when something is an extra, extra small... madness.

  8. What about those who have genetic disorders or prevalence to weight problems.
    Consider yourself lucky.

    Hypothyroidism, cushings syndrome all can cause significant weight gains.

    By looking at an overweight person, it is impossible to determine their reasons for being overweight.
    I completely agree with you, that the people who are killing themselves with poor diets and lifestyles are causing more harm then good in this world. Not only to themselves and their families but to society in general.

    We can of course consider the obvious, that only some 7% of people suffer with hypothyroidism and 10/1mil suffer from Cushing's syndrome. If we remove the genetic predisposition to weight problems, such as those which exist for pacific islanders. Then we still have a significant number of people whom simply have chosen a poor lifestyle.
    Is that enough to automatically consider all overweight people as a burden to society and the public health system?

    *smiles* your secret admirer

  9. I don't think any significant proportion of overweight people are overweight due to any medical condition. And yeah, there are predispositions to being overweight, just like there are predispositions to absolutely everything else.. I don't see a predisposition as being a valid excuse. If you have a healthy diet, you're likely not going to be overweight, no matter what your predisposition is.

    But hypothyroidism, and all kinds of other diseases that result in weight gain, are excusable. That's obviously not their fault, the poor buggers.


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