Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hatred for hypocrites.

Do you know how often I hear guys leer and sneer at some poor girl who's overweight?

"Look how huge she is"
"oh my god, how do they let themselves get that way"

...then I look down, and notice that the smug bastard making these remarks has a freakin' beer gut himself!

What the douche?!

What gives these people the courage to be such raving hypocrites?!

Men have even less excuse than women to be fat, I think! Men aren't the ones who get pregnant and gain baby weight, men ARE the ones with greater potential to build muscle mass..

And yet, and yet, you men are as fat or fatter than women. Firstly, there's no excuse for that. Secondly, you then turn around and call women fat, abuse women for being fat, and feel as though you're entitled to some skinny girl whilst you are the size of a beluga whale?

You must be kidding.

No person who is fat has a leg to stand on when they call somebody else fat. Sorry, just no.

Let's take the movie 'Shallow Hal'.

Here's the moral of that movie;
"Don't judge people by their looks, you mean, mean, man, or karma will catch up with you and you'll see the error of your ways!"

Here's what the moral should have been;
"What the fuck, Jack Black, you're no fucking oil painting, why on earth do you expect to get some slim, toned gorgeous babe, when you look like a hair-covered turd? Who do you think you are?"


  1. this made me laugh! awesome - and so true :)

  2. hey! where did you get my picture from? :-)

  3. This was so true!

  4. yeah men do have a completely different standard for women, even to the absurdly notion that they should be perfect like the girls from PlayBoy free from imperfections.

    (P.S) jack black is a dork but strangely likeable.

  5. Oh man, that made me bust a gutt laughing. I'm with you - guys who are fat don't get to point fingers until they get their happy ass on a tredmill.

  6. Just found your blog....Love It!!


    I am a new follower because I couldn't stop reading your posts!

  7. individual; Seriously, unless every guy who calls some chick overweight has a freakin' six pack, I'm going to punch them in the face.

    Hockey; Lol, thankyou! Glad you like it. :D

  8. you should infidel as they deserve it!

  9. We have the same views about Shallow Hal, that's so great!


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