Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remember, promiscuity never killed anybody.

Let's examine the rationale behind usage of words like 'slut', 'whore', 'skank', etc.

Typically, these words are used against females who display an interest in sex, or who appear to display one, by showing 'inappropriate' (whatever that is) amounts of skin, or by having casual sex.

Now, for the life of me, I cannot come up with a valid reason to discourage girls, or anyone else for that matter, from having as much sex as they damn well please.

The typical argument is that it's 'disgusting' or 'immoral'.. but why should it be any of those? A higher likelihood of contracting and spreading STD's, you say? Well, they will in all probability, only spread the STD they may have, to other people who have casual sex. If you are not one of those people who have casual sex, then this should not bother you. If you are, then you shouldn't be protesting.

Furthermore, those who drive cars, or any motor vehicle, have a higher likelihood of killing/injuring someone than a pedestrian does. Do we call them motorwhores? Do we have ANY sort of derogatory name for such a wanton act of physical endangerment of others? No.

Apparently, potential death by traffic accident is no biggie, but liberal female sexuality is abhorrent.

From an evolutionary point of view, sexually conservative females are sexually conservative for the sole purpose of procuring a mate who is willing to wait for sex, thus showing a willingness to commit to and provide for the woman, and any potential offspring they may have. Thus, they are not going to want their hard-won mate 'tempted' by sexually liberal females who give out sex willy-nilly. Nor are they going to be as successful in getting such a mate, if that mate can get sex elsewhere without having to commit.

I have two things to say to that;
a) If your mate is going to be so easily tempted, surely you don't want him anyway.
b) Stop being a douche just because you're lonely. If you want a goddamned child so badly, provide for it yourself. And provide for yourself yourself. Security does not require physical strength anymore. You can do it.

I know that many females are unlikely to know that this is the reason for their 'disgust' of promiscuity, but it is. And now that you know it is, you can start getting the hell over it and acting like you belong in the 21st century.

Onto males;

Males who call girls such names are just retardedly stupid. You discourage liberal sexuality, and you're going to find it extremely hard to find a sex partner without proving commitment. Do you want that? Surely not. And even if you do (you weirdo?), what the hell is it to you if a girl wants to have sex a lot? How is it any of your business?

Also, let me point out the ultimate hypocrisy in praising your guy friends for getting laid, and simultaneously calling a skimpily dressed girl a 'slut', while, in all likelihood, enjoying the spectacle. Pathetic.

Do we call hot guys sluts for running around with their shirts off, arousing the rest of us with their six packs? 


Therefore I will show my cleavage as much as I bloody well please, and expect you lot to shut your stupid mouths.

Let's note that what morons say does not bother me per se. What bothers me is that these morons exist in the first place, going apparently untold by the world that they are morons.


  1. Okay, first of all you have gotta work on your grammar.Still hate grammar nazis though

    Second of all: I actually like sluts.

  2. What on earth's wrong with my grammer? Also, if you really liked 'sluts' and had a modicum of respect for them as people, somehow I doubt you'd be calling them 'sluts'.

  3. hey.. rele nice!! well said!! kudos!!

  4. wow.. very well written!! kudos!!


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