Monday, February 21, 2011

Take my seat. TAKE IT!

I'm a pretty courteous (some might even say chivalrous, ladies ;)) person in real life, even if I come off like a bitter whiner here. I hold doors open for people if I'm going in first, I let people in front of me in lines if they don't have many items, I smile at people who look sad (overcoming my social anxiety, I might add), and I give up my seats for the elderly, the pregnant and people holding heavy stuff on public transport.

Just a few weeks ago, in fact, I was on the Delhi metro (woohoo, progress!), and there was this elderly lady, say about 70 or 80, who was walking pretty stiffly and kept tripping over herself and swaying precariously with every lurch of the train.

So, being the lovely person I am, I got up and gestured for her to take my seat. She looked at me blankly. I looked back at her even more blankly. Was my meaning unclear?

I said clearly, "I'm fine, have a seat". She shook her head and looked confused. I smiled uncertainly, and she lost her head.

She started  scolding me (in Hindi), and I only got bits of it, but the gist was this;
"Sit down! I don't want your stupid seat! Are you saying I'm old?! Do you think I cannot stand on my own two feet?! SIT DOWN!"

Well, I never!

I stormed off in a huff, eager to get away from the crazy old bat who was OBVIOUSLY in deep denial about her arthritic limbs and patchwork of wrinkles. From a few feet away, I noticed her sliding sneakily into the seat I vacated (and probably warmed)! Making herself cozy!

The freakin' nerve!

So listen, old people. You're old, okay? Just accept it. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it. You're not fooling anyone. There's nothing wrong with it. And you have so few things to be happy about. You can't walk right anymore, you probably have a weak bladder, your knees probably hurt in the winter, your pension isn't enough, you're sick to death of your partner and are counting the day until he/she expires... so just count your blessings and TAKE THE PRIVILEGED SEATING. 


  1. Ya do a nice thing for a person and get yelled?!?! Nope. I'm done holding doors for people, giving up my seat, switching places in line, any of it. When common courtesy gets shot down by ungrateful rudeness, I'm out. Ha ha. Good post.

  2. What you should have done was sit back down and make the seat look extra cosy. You know, sink as far into it as you can, maybe stretch a bit and sigh blissfully.

    Make the old bat regret her decision!

  3. LOL Tom Millson. LOL. I think you should have gone back and started yelling at her for taking the seat after yelling at you that she didn't want it. That'd show her. :)

  4. And you get the old people who start spitting and cursing the instant they get on a bus because ten passengers didn't instantly jump up to offer a seat, bitching and whinig non-stop even when they get the damn seat. You can't win with people, they just fucking suck.

  5. I saw this happen last week - but with a pregnant lady on the train in Brisbane!

    I was already standing, but there was an obviously pregnant lady standing beside me. She scowled at the poor guy who offered her a seat!

    (I'm not sure if that was because he was a school kid though and should have been standing anyway... I know I was scowling at him for sitting with so many standing around...)

    Anyway, I digress... awesome blog! I already follow, but I'm going to make more of an effort to check it out :)

  6. Old people, they're so.....old. I hope I die before I have to use public transit.

  7. I agree with you! I'm all for being a strong woman, but there is a difference between that and a bitch.

  8. Retch; It happens to me fairly often.. I don't know why. Maybe I look smug or something.

    Tom; Lol, I wish I had. I regret not saying something to the rude old biddy now.

    Diego; I know, I know. Hatred.

    Soup; =D Why, thankyou!

    Drone; I really don't like old people. They're so racist and sexist and.. and.. SLEAZY! The number of times old guys have done creepy things.. *shudder*.

    DB: I know, right?!

    I don't know what possesses people to behave this way.

    One time, I offered to help this little old man carry the pram he was lugging around up the stairs... and he snorted really rudely and said really loudly, "DO you think I need YOUR help, little girl?!"


    I was taller than him! Fuck old people.

  9. Public transportation, ya gotta love it. I once had an old lady talk to me, and I nodded uncomfortably until I realized she was unaware of my presence.

  10. I was relying on the bus system for awhile a few years ago. This guy wasn't "old", but I think he was certifiably "crazy". He was a black buy. He asked to borrow my lighter, as I was standing, waiting for the bus, smoking a cig. He looked at the lighter (it had "four leaf" clover's on it or some kind of St. Patrick's day shit). Anyhow this guy proceeded to tell me that he has a leprechaun spirit that comes to see him often, as he is Irish. I just nodded in agreement. He also told me that he "speaks in tongues". I also just nodded. Nice enough guy, but . . as we got on the bus, I was thinking "christ don't let this guy sit next to me, PLEASE." He sat toward the front fortunately. He spent most of the ride "speaking in tongues." Crazy world.


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