Friday, March 4, 2011

People who don't deserve to share my oxygen.

I've decided to compile a list of my pet peeves, for ease of categorisation. At the moment, it's a little tedious for me to see something that disgusts me, and then sift through the plethora of hate-filled thoughts in my brain and find the one it correlates to. So, in the interest of making this process easier, I'm going to organise all the people that piss me off in a cohesive list. 

1. Drama Queens.

These are the people (guys, girls, doesn't matter, both sexes pull the same shit) who think they are so cute or so adorable that they can get away with embarrassing shit that makes me cringe every time I lay eyes upon them.

Singers, for example. Yes, professional singing can be quite taxing, what with all the breathing and vocal strain and all that.. but I assure you, it can be done without all the gesticulating and pained expressions.

Such as the above. What the hell is that. 

"Rock on"? Really? To what shall we "rock on", Celine? My Heart Will Go On? How very rock n' roll. 

I'm not just arbitrarily picking on Celine, by the way, for all the fans out there... she is a repeat offender. As is... Jennifer Hudson.

Is the arm-flap really necessary? I don't think so.

I'm aware they do all this in the pursuit of seeming 'passionate' about the song... but in reality, nothing could be more ridiculous. Nobody makes a constipation-face or reaches for the heavens when they're passionate about something. I'm not buying it.

2. The Oblivious.

For example, slow walkers.

Who. The hell. Do you think you are.

There is a limited amount of space in any given corridor/walkway. When you waddle at the speed of a dying snail, THE LEAST you can do is STAY TO ONE SIDE. ANY side! Preferably the left, but I suspect that specifying a side may be too much for you to handle, so just any side will do. Anything but walking smack in the middle of the path, not leaving enough space on either side for me to squeeze past. So I'm stuck behind you, watching your massive behind sway to and fro, while I dodge and weave unbeknownst to you, trying to find some glimmer of hope through which to escape the slow hell that has become my fate.

Or worse still, the group-walkers. These are the ones who absolutely NEED to walk in a horizontal line up the pathway, with no consideration for other pedestrians who may be trying to walk past, or overtake. They amble along, caught up in their vapid conversations about Oprah or Miley or Edward fucking Cullen.

Then I decide that I really need to be wherever I need to be, and I need to be there faster than this, so I attempt to overtake. At first, it looks promising.. but then my speed plateaus, they speed up subconsciously when they realise somebody is close to them, and for a painful few minutes, we're all just walking alongside each other, everyone avoiding everyone else's gaze, until the awkwardness lends me a burst of adrenaline and I finally manage to overtake the herd. 

Was any of that necessary? No. Why did it occur? Because people are tools. 

3. The Blatantly Inconsiderate.

No, I'm not even talking about the people who apparently have titanium eardrums and don't realise that everybody within 10 feet of them can hear their iPod. 

I'm talking about the people who sit there, with their goddamned boomboxes, or music blaring from their phones. Wtf? They have NO SHAME. 

I don't want to hear freakin' Lil Wayne?! I don't want to hear 50 Cent?! 

These are the people that I hope die horrible deaths. 


  1. You are so true... I spend hours a day on busses and I could literally KILL the boombox-minions... their usually like Oompah Loompas. Just evil. And bigger. A little.

    And the Oblivious almost make me miss the last bus each time... Why, God, why? Speed tf up! *cue: 'Move Bitch' by Ludacris *. (btw: I'm not really a little ray of sunshine when I'm in a hurry. More like a murderous lunatic. As is most likely apparent enough.)

    And the drama queens... Don't get me started.

  2. I'm willing to accept the blatantly inconsiderate. at least they've made a choice to be a nuisance. Like you however, I can't abide oblivious people. oblivious people aren't aware of how much they are annoying me and that makes me insane.

  3. Totally agree with slow walkers; they are the BANE of my life. What I hate more than them being in the middle is when they move to one side and they move DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. It's worse when I'm trying to get to a train...there's limited space on the staircase and I'm running for dear life. Then some fat lady in front dictates the speed of my travel and I end up missing my train :/

    And another thing. When you get those group walkers, but they're coming AT YOU. I had this once in a shopping centre; a family. As they were taking up the whole corridor, I decided to take the biggest gap, and be less in their way, which just happened to be between a grandma and her granddaughter. She had a go at me for being inconsiderate! I was like 'well there's nowhere else to go and there are people who do go the opposite way' and walked off.

    Stupid people are stupid.

  4. I just gave you an award:

  5. Oh god I hate horizontal walkers. Especially the ones who clearly see you, but walk right into you anyway. As for the inconsiderate, I loathe people who need to have obnoxiously loud ringtones. Then when their phone rings, they sit there and listen the music instead of actually answering it. GAHH!

    By the way, Sidewalk Rage:

  6. These are the people who get into their car and proceed to drive 80km/hour in the passing lane, regardless of where they are. It's a school zone and the speed limit is 40? They're the assholes tailgating you while dodging small children. You get on the highway where the speed limit is 100, and this same nut is still driving 80 and now holding up all the normal drivers behind them.

    When I had an older car, the temptation to just ram these dumbass pylons out of the way was nearly irrestible. Don't know how I restrained myself.

  7. YES! And people ask why I zig-zag around the pavement. Because these geniuses keep changing sides!

  8. I call that a no courage of conviction. I'm comforted by the fact that these people obviously lack essential life skills and natural selection will get them eventually.

  9. On a conversation like this, a very old lady once said, That's why guns don't grow up on trees!
    But it might have been a better place if that happened!

  10. Slow walkers and music blasters get on my nerves too. I walk fast anyway, but to get behind someone and think you're going to get sucked into a parallel dimension (or a reverse wormhole) from the extreme ridiculousness of it all?! And no one wants to hear your speakers about to bust from where you've turned your bass up all the way. C'mon. >.<

    I really like your blog :)

  11. I hate the slow walkers too! The horizontal groups are the worst at the gym when they take up all three lanes on the track, including the running lane. Really? Move!

  12. The Oblivious are usually school kids, who may or may not happen to smoke..thus making the (walking) journey somewhat *more* unbearable; also making me step out into the road..busy roads, might I add. >_<

  13. i enjoy walking damn slow and i'll often leave for school early enough to make sure I can walk as damn slow as I please. it's relaxing and walking too quickly stresses me out if i have to be somewhere on time. that being said i don't wanna be a blatantly inconsiderate fatass so i keep to the side and try to sense if people are trying to get passed me. I make room cuz i don't know errbody's business, they could be in a hurry. love the blog btdub :) oh and i wouldnt be offended if you made a post about "annoying online lingo in conversation" such as my 'btdub'. teehee

  14. this also reminds me of a time when this slow fucker made me miss my bus by walking slowly through the damn subway station door. but the bus literally was at the stop for .62 seconds. he turned around, said sorry, complimented me on my piercings and offered me some bud. thank god i wasn't in a real hurry, i was just going home, otherwise i would've missed this oppurtunity. and he was damn gorgeous too. but still...


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