Thursday, December 30, 2010

I dream of the day when my boobs can roam wild and free.

oI don't wear bras at home. I enjoy being comfortable, and my boobs are not big enough to swing back and forth uncomfortably when I move, so bralessness is my preferred state.

 I mean, big freakin' deal, right?

However, I feel compelled to wear a bra when I go out.

Why? I don't particularly like the way my body looks when my breasts are encased in a bra, I actually prefer how t-shirts look on me without a bra on, so it's not an appearance thing.

I'm indifferent towards men (or women) who stare lustily at my boobs when I'm out, so it's not a modesty thing, either.

(As an aside, one time me and my friend were out in our PJ's and this guy rode by on a cycle and went, "Beautiful nipples, girls!". I thought it was funny!)

So why?

I decided to go out without a bra on one day to see what was making me so uncomfortable. I found the answer when I was two steps out my door.

Now that I was paying attention, I noticed the subtle disapproving looks from (mostly) women. They looked at me, then rather pointedly at my breasts, then made a sneer-like movement with their mouths. Either that, or they averted their eyes hastily when they noticed I wasn't padded up in the chesticular region.

Obviously I had picked up on this subconsciously. How dare they? How dare I be made to feel uncomfortable just because I didn't want to strap my breasts to my body?

So I walk the streets braless, because I find it more comfortable. The first assumption people make?

"She's a whore, she wants male attention, she has no dignity". Honestly, what is that?

First of all, no, it's not even true, in my case.

Second of all, even if it were, so what? Do you women not slather your faces in makeup for the sole purpose of 'looking better'? Do men not style, colour,gel their hair, shave, and pick out good clothes in order to 'look better'?  Do you not do this so as to seem more attractive than you naturally are? Is this not 'enjoying attention' in the same way that someone who goes braless enjoys attention? Where is the distinction between the two?

Not only this, but every time I walk into a bra shop, all the bras my size are padded to hell. Apparently it's okay (and desirable) to pretend to the world that you have bigger boobs than you really do.. but not okay to go out au naturale. Apparently, when people can see the peaks on your shirt where your nipples lie, it's blasphemy! Sacrilege! Pornography!

So, in summary, I don't need to wear a bra, so I bloody well won't, and fuck you if you have a problem with it.


  1. It's not just the bras your size. Why the hell would I want padding when I'm already into double letters? Good Lord, how big do they need to be?

    I wince when I see someone going braless because it looks uncomfortable, particularly when she starts running. But I guess if you can run braless without giving yourself a black eye, you're all good.

  2. I have noticed that, but I've also noticed that there do exist larger bras without padding.. but in most stores, for the life of me, I cannot find a bra my size without padding! I don't even have the option!

    It does get uncomfortable for me to run without a bra, which is why I wear a sports bra if I'm going to be running.

  3. Wow you basically said everything that I agree with.

    I mentioned to some of my friends that I don't particularly like bras and they were all 'omg but they're so sexy!' I think it's sad that people think cloth and padding and straps are more attractive than their own bodies.

    I don't wear a bra at home either. Freaks my sisters out.

  4. My nipples get sore. :( So, no bralessness for me.

    It's okay though, my boobs act funny when I'm not in a bra. They make cones instead of spheres or teardrops. I feel like I have a madonna cone bra on :P

  5. i love this post! i too, prefer to be bra-free! i give you MAJOR props for going out in public, i only indulge at home (and i still feel awkward when the ups guy stops by)!


  6. I feel your pain with the "bra's my size are padded to hell" part.
    I'm almost 19, I want nice womanly cute/sexy bra's. They make me feel my age and or a bit older, like I'm growing up. But when I go to JCPennys or Macys, all the women's bras are 2-3 inches thick of padding! It's uncomfortable and it's HOT. Plus it feels fake, too >.> I now get my bra's at target, where they have more A bra's that aren't padded, and still cute. I hate those little bra's with the flowers and shit. Just because I'm an A doesn't mean I'm a little girl! ><

    Though I like wearing bra's, outside the house at least. But at home, I too like to roam free :P

  7. Let them hang sista, don't be ashamed! You're young and hot, bitches are just jealous.

  8. I love how you break the subject down and explain why you do it, in a rational, systematic way, and then end it with just saying fuck you anyway. Brilliant.

  9. bras are good for support but that's about it. if you're fine with being braless then be (: hoo-rah.

    happy new year's eve!

  10. I agree.
    Women shouldn't judge each other, though it's pretty much unavoidable.
    Personally, I like to wear one. I don't find them uncomfortable and I get self conscious.
    I'm also pretty young so that might play into it.
    But if you want to go braless, it's your decision and not anyone else's, even your mom's. Go for it! :D

  11. I stopped wearing a bra permenantly because of secondary health issues relating to having total kidney failure, being on dialysis and toxins not clearing well enough through medication. Specifically when your kidneys don't work many patients can't control Phosphate levels and when high they create a chalk effect in the viens and affect how the blood travels around your body. Something about it makes you very itchy and I itched a lot of my back.

    Anyhoo, I could only wear a t-shirt, no straps of any kind, and even then only for a couple of hours. I did that for almost two years. I've now had a transplant and no surprise, I still don't remember to wear a bra. As to how people percieve it, I couldn't give a toss, about my friends, my family or about strangers on the street. The only time I've thought about it in the past six months was when I wanted to put deoderant on in public and noticed people staring at how, you know, technically cold I was, ha. Maybe its because if you are genuinely out of the habit long enough any social norm fades from memory and you don't think about what other people think about. Maybe it's because I know that if anyone was to criticise me for it my explanation of my reasons would so hold a mirror up to their small minded, petty conformist weaknesses that I would be highly amused to see them fluster. Either way, maybe you do care a little, or you might not notice other people looking at you so much.

  12. Obviously I care. Nobody likes to be given dirty looks in the street, or be called obscene and a whore by their own mother.

    Good for you that you don't care.. but I do, I want people to stop being fuckheads, because it bothers me. Both their reactions, and the reason for their reactions.

  13. Interesting. Maybe you should not let it bother you, as the problem lies in the ones who have a problem with that concept. Their problem is lack of understanding, they were told all of these degrading things about the subject and just did what they were told without think for themselves, so the judged you based on their own fears, desires and insecurities.

    I'm down with freethinking and freedom, so long as you're not hurting anything. So I'm going to have to ask you to wear a bra, before a meandering, gawking male falls in a man-hole while concentrating on your nipple peaks. I'm kidding. I support you, in your quest for living without support!

  14. The worst is when your shoulders or neck starts to hurt from holding up your tits all day. Even worse is wearing your halter top swim suit and after an hour or so your neck and head hurts.

    Anyway, I completely agree and free the boobies!

  15. You're snarky. I likw it. Is there such a thing as a Blogger friend? It'd be cool to have you as my Blogger friend.

  16. OH JEEZ, YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!DID I HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON CORRECTLY!!!!Need to be back properly for more!

  17. Personally, I need a bra. I feel self conscious and just uncomfortable. I mean, I have nothing against my breasts. They're fine, whatever. But, I just feel weird with them roaming free. O__O

  18. Loved this post! I do agree that every bra does not need to be padded, but it's so hard to find one without padding nowadays! I have a semi-large chest and even sleep in a bra, I'm so terrified one day my boobs will just drop to my knees or something...ughh! haha wish I was as liberated as you!
    found your blog from 20sb, btw.
    xx lj

  19. Haha, thankyou!

    It's not so much liberated as lacking in the chest department, haha. I'm sure if I had bigger boobs, I'd wear a bra more often and even enjoy it. It's just that due to my manchest, I don't need one. :D

  20. Whoo! Itty bitties unite! I loved this post : )

    I couldn't handle guys checking me out braless, though, bleh. More power to ya, sister.

    Also, there are starting to be more A-cups that aren't padded now! Super exciting : )

  21. I never thought so much about bra's and I had no idea they could be uncomfortable.


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