Thursday, December 2, 2010


Click for story.

Do you know what that is?

A freaking triumph of evolution, is what it is.

It's a snake, with a freaking foot. A functional foot.

Do you know what happened to this creature? This wondrous, potential first-step in the formation of an entirely new species?

Have a guess.

It was.. caught and held in captivity for further study. It was.. heralded as the mind-boggling display of nature's creativity that it is. Perhaps it was captured, tagged, then released into the wild.

Yeah, no.

Some Chinese nutcase smashed it to death with her shoe.

Her shoe, people. This is why education is important. This is why one of the basic things people should learn in life, along with "don't kill others", is "don't fucking kill animals unless you plan to eat them". Just don't. It's a complete waste of life.

This marvelous little guy was just slithering along, using his remarkable appendage to crawl along walls n' stuff, and BAM. Dead. Why? Because it had a foot.

Are you f--ing kidding me with this shit?


  1. Somehow...I don't think he was killed for only his foot. Maybe he was killed because he scared the shit out of said Chinese lady...and in her defense, she probably was going to eat him, until she saw his foot.

  2. Oh, they kill such creatures for their deformities all the time. Apparently they're killed and preserved as 'lucky tokens'.

  3. Wild animal should know their place! Don't go climbing into homes and scaring the littl'uns!

    They gon' get the shoe.

    Check this post of mine out, which shoes, I mean shows, you the variety of ways I kill spiders :)

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  5. =O

    That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. I'm so glad you enjoy it!

    But no, I haven't. I have little to no motivation for these things. Maybe I'll give it a shot though. =D

  6. WTF??? Did you take that picutre? That is weird! I own 2 snakes and I've never in my life seen one grow a foot! LOL

  7. What if it was a shark with feet, eh? This is why we're still top of the food chain: We crush any potential threats to our superiority with our mighty footwear! TASTE THE HEEL OF HUMANITY, NATURE!

  8. That thing is all the proof one needs that there is no god.

  9. What are you talking about, Lionel? The concepts of evolution and God are hardly exclusive.

    Great post. Thanks for the link to the story. I really wonder what might have happened if it had bred. Back to lizard form? On to something completely different? So frustrating that it was killed. :-/

  10. Lol, back to lizard form would've been.. anti-climactic, to say the least.

    Maybe it could've evolved into some kind of bear-snake thing.

  11. Sad times; from the third sentence on, I was rooting for the little guy.

  12. I've gotta agree with Miss Melicious on this one, I don't think the snake was killed because it had a foot or because the woman was a Neanderthal (little pun to evolution there). My guess is she saw a snake and whacked it with whatever she had handy. I love the irony of a "shoe" killing something that is precious due to its "foot".
    Loved your post though! Keep up the great work!


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