Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does this dress make my vagina look fat?

On one of my favourite shows ("Embarrassing Bodies") last night, there was this woman who came in concerned about her 'large labia'. The doctor had a look, and personally, it looked normal enough to me. If I had a vag like that, I wouldn't think twice about it. But anyway, the lady was asked if it was causing any problems for her sex life, and she said no, she just didn't like the look of it.

Now, the doctor told her, "Yeah, I see how normally, they [vaginas] don't look like that... I would suggest a cosmetic surgeon".

Okay, wtf. Since when are medical professionals supposed to be recommending plastic surgery?!

And since when does anybody care about how beautiful (or not) their freakin' vaginas are?

Hi, vaginal appearance is not supposed to be something else that women have to concern themselves about. ALREADY the little bastards give us enough grief; bleeding, cramps, pregnancy. ALREADY many women have appearance concerns; wax, shave, trim.

Now we need to worry about the size of our labia? Are you f*&%ing kidding me?

What next;
 "I don't think my clit is cute enough"?!
"My urethra's not big enough"?!

Plastic surgery in general makes me feel all icky, but this is just a whole new level of insecurity. You have to wonder at the mental state of somebody who wants to cut bits of their labia off.

Let me assure you, ladies; Nobody who is worth a damn gives two shits about the size of your goddamned labia. 


  1. Oh I know, isn't it just ridiculous?

  2. Boobs I can understand, but...I doubt even the most observant guys would CARE.

  3. I totally agree, though I have heard of women getting cosmetic surgery for that. I've even seen pictures of women before and it is kinda gruesome though even if I looked like that I wouldn't give a rabbit's ass.

  4. I don't know how true it is, but I've read that if the labia is cut too short it can actually reduce blood flow to the clit to the point where you permanently lose sensation. Why any woman would want to risk that for trivial reasons is beyond me...

    I've also seen a lot of instances where women had this done because the size of their labia caused a lot of discomfort during sex. That's understandable. Otherwise I think it's just as silly as the rest of plastic surgery.

  5. @Lemons - I am naturally busty, and sometimes I think whoever gets plastic surgery to increase their bust size is insane! At DD, you can't buy cute bras off the rack, you have to buy specialty bras for sports things and the ones that work are all over $100. God forbid you want to exercise more than once a week, because you're buying several bras or washing them everyday. And sometimes it's easier to just strap everything down with duct tape.

    I can understand if the labia causes discomfort and ruins sex in getting a little bit off the top, but I don't understand why someone would do it for any other reason.

    This also blows my mind. It's make up, for the vag. I'm just going to say it, I'm 21, and I love myself too much to put any of that near any of me.

  6. "I don't think my clit is cute enough"?!


  7. Even if I noticed it was a bit different looking it still wouldn't stop me. Besides there is no standard for vaginas, they all look different.

  8. Megan; That just makes it even more horrifying. I'm now starting to hate the women who do this shit as much as the media for provoking such feelings of inadequacy.

    Cait; Ew. What the fuck?

    Christopher; EXACTLY. If more guys actually expressed this sentiment, perhaps girls would stop being so fucking stupid.

  9. @Infidel - I'm just wondering, which part was ew? The make up, cause that is so, so gross. Like, disgusting in a way that makes me want to shake people and ask them what is so wrong with them that they have to find fault with everything. Although, the duct taping my bra in place is also kind of awful. Seriously, for any girl who wants larger breasts, you can borrow mine for a few weeks. I guarantee you, once any girl had them, they'd give them back.

  10. Cait; Yeah, the make-up part. DISGUSTING?! WHO DOES THAT?!

    Luckily, reductions are available, so don't fret!

    Frankly, all these women who think it's worthwhile to cut themselves open and put chemicals on their vaginas for cosmetic purposes only, activate my gag reflex.


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