Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy, mommy, wax me, won't you?!


Beauty pageants.

I cannot even begin to fathom the mentality of the person who goes through life entering pageants where the only goal is to be told you are more beautiful than the girls beside you. Then you get a crown, and prance around like some grotesque enactment of a bad joke.

But wait. It does get worse.

There are beauty pageants for children. Tiny, little children. Some as young as 4.

I ask you, parents of aforementioned children; WHAT THE SHIT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

Do you honestly believe that instilling an overdeveloped focus on outward appearances is going to be a good thing for your child? Do you seriously think teaching your child that makeup, expensive dresses, high heels, all-over body waxing, fake eyelashes and bleached teeth are good, valuable things to possess, is going to help their conceptions of self-worth later in life?

In a society where appearance is so overly valued, particularly in women, in a society that sexualises girls at younger and younger ages, do you seriously believe that you are doing a good thing?

Or are you living vicariously, selfishly, through your unfortunate progeny?

A program on TV was interviewing mothers of these children, and one of them came up with this little gem; "It's every little girl's dream to look like a princess!"

That wasn't my goddamned dream. MY dream was to be a veterinarian, to be an explorer of wildlife, to be a scientist, to be a lawyer, to be a journalist. Not once did "princess" factor into my life goals.

Have you considered that the reason your children may harbour these frivolous fantasies, is that you are an idiot and have given them the impression that these are things worth aspiring to? Or, best case scenario; not corrected their impressions that these are things worth aspiring to?

Get a freakin' grip.


  1. Child beauty pageants are vile and atrocious. You've seen Little Miss Sunshine, yeah?

  2. You must watch Toddlers in Tiaras. More often than not the kid doesn't even want to be there. They cry and their parents scream at them to get back on stage and finish their routine. They're four! also if the clip works in your country watch it.

  3. I was in a few when I was little, like 4-6. Hated it. My mom wasn't one of the crazy stage mom's but they exist and they will do anything to let their daughter win. Crazy people.

  4. This is absolutely the truth! I agree with all of this.

  5. I posted you in an award on my blog.

  6. Those things are awful. On that Toddelers in Tiaras show, there are BABIES (under 1 year old)competing! No baby wants to be stuck in an itchy dress just so someone will tell them that they are pretty - babies really don't care about being pretty.
    I as a child did want to be a princess, but it was more of an adventurer/cowgirl who happened to wear fluffy dresses. But that's just me.

  7. Those shows are SO messed up!!! Oh my gosh when they put those fake teeth on their kids, they look SO FREAKY!!! I can't believe parents think it's a good thing

  8. yeah I think children at such a young age shouldn't have to be put through this kind of stuff

  9. There is something disturbing and unnatural about all of it. Take for example the picture of the little girl you'v posted. Kind of frightening! Her mom should be slapped. More than once!!

  10. child beauty pageants should be illegal.
    pretty disgusting for little kids to be wearing makeup and paraded like that.


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