Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let me help.

Here's the complaint I hear most often from girls; Guys are mean, they lie, they manipulate, to get some sex.
Here's the complaint I hear most often from guys; Girls are shallow, they only go for the hot jackasses, and never the nice guys.
I'll solve all your problems.


You would be better served if you didn't automatically equate sex with feelings. People have casual sex all the time, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.
If you don't like having casual sex, then don't. But meeting a guy, seeing him for a couple of days, then having sex with him because you think he really likes you, is naive, and then you end up getting hurt.
If you do like casual sex, then stop expecting anything out of it. Like it for the experience it is; two people who are attracted to each other, engaging in passionate sex. There's absolutely nothing wrong with never seeing each other again afterwards and just leaving it as the good memory it (hopefully) is. If you have realistic expectations, you won't feel so disappointed.

Also, don't go for the 'bad' guy, and then complain that he's not a good guy. That was to be expected.

It really bothers you when girls don't like you because you have a beer gut, or because you're pimply, or because you're just plain ugly. I can see how that might be irritating.
But get over it. Sexual attraction is not something that is within individual control. 
Furthermore, you would find girls that liked you, if you stopped pursuing the hot girls. The girls with the perfect hair, and perfect teeth, and gorgeous face, and great body. 

Have you no perspective? Why would a girl who can have her pick of hot guys, choose you? If you want a chance at a hot partner, you need to get hot yourself. Hit the gym, groom yourself, manscape a bit, get a haircut and don't wear clothes that make you look like a hobo, or a bogan. These things go a long way towards increasing one's attractiveness quotient. 
Being nice is a great, valuable thing, that will make people love you, but it's not enough, in itself, to make someone want to bed you, okay?

This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thankyou for your time.

* These are also generalisations. Yes, I do know that not all girls equate sex with feelings, and STILL get screwed over. Yes, I do know that some nice, yet ugly guys DO end up getting the hot girls.


  1. As a girl, having casual sex is a no-no! The crazy girl hormones come out and next thing you know you're on the floor crying to your mom about how you'll never find true love! That didn't happen to me my friend. ;)

  2. I have to agree with this. I'm thankful that most people are past that phase from a couple years back when everyone was like, "it's personality that counts, not looks! I don't care about looks!"

    It's all bullshit. While personality is GREAT thing, it's not the first thing anyone sees. People are attracted by looks. Whether they're good looks or bad, or interesting or out of the ordinary, something about your appearance is what catches their eye.

    No one has a personality radar where they can just sense out the ones with a fantastic personality.

    Plus, everyone has different opinions on what is attractive or hot or sexy. So really, it doesn't matter. Except hygiene, that helps a lot.

  3. lol I like it, straight to the point! however I bet someone will moan and disagree with you


  4. It's just common sense really isn't it?

  5. stop wearing clothes that make me look like a hobo? NEVAAAR!

  6. Sarah; LOL, really?! I'm so glad I am devoid of these horrid 'hormone' things!

    Ang; God, that shit pissed me off so much. I especially loved how guys said it regularly, yet still had eyes only for the hottest girls around. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Books; I'm just waiting for it..

    Fiz; It is, and what's weird is that in my draft of this post, my closing line was those *exact* words. Creepy.


  7. Once again, you state the obvious and expect what? A pat on the head? A oookie? Mediocre as usual, infidel_...

    Signed, Backthafuckup

  8. If it were so obvious, I wouldn't see so many people whinging about bullshit now, would I? Common sense ain't so common.



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