Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama has succeeded in robbing America of its decency.

I'm certain you all have heard about Osama Bin Laden's death.

Yes, it's a good thing to 'stop evil', as it were, even though it would've been better to capture him and make him stand trial, than kill him outright.

Still, better than leaving him alive, right? Right.


But the fact remains, that a person has been killed through violent, if necessary, means. The fact remains that terrorism is nowhere near being stamped out. The fact remains that people are dying, and will continue to die in this war effort. The fact remains that the western world is still very much a target for terrorists. The fact remains that Bin Laden being killed will likely result in some sort of violent backlash from extremists.

You are effectively celebrating the death of a man, which is only significant in a symbolic sense.

In light of this, doesn't outright jubilation seem a bit crass to anyone?

Yes, it is necessary for bad people to be apprehended, or failing that, killed. Yes, some people deserve to die. No, I do not mourn the dude.

But to see hundreds of people flocking to the White House, alive with unreserved glee, celebrating, screaming their happiness that someone has died, is appalling to me.

It is vividly reminiscent of all the radical muslims who take to the streets shouting for someone or the other to be beheaded, or holding aloft some poor bastard's head and rejoicing in his death.

It makes America seem blood-thirsty and tribal.

I expect something more from supposedly civilised nations.
I expect some civility. 


  1. That did make me cringe quite a bit. I can understand why people would go in the streets, I really can. It just... doesn't look very good.

    On the other hand, I'm very optimistic. While there are still extremists out there, the movement is losing steam. People throughout the world have now seen with their own eyes that peaceful resistance is much more effective at toppling oppressors than terrorism.

  2. I have to agree with you. It's moments like this where I'm quick to point out that I'm Canadian :P
    There is no use celebrating so vehemently when there will still be war, his death has stopped nothing. Personally I firmly believe backlash is inevitable. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see something set in motion just to prove to us silly north americans that the death of one man means nothing in the face of holy war.
    I suppose let them celebrate while there is something to celebrate, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  3. Urgh. I had to turn off a news video about Osama because they switched to a feed of collage-aged kids clumped around the camera and chanting "USA!USA!USA!" It literally made me feel ill.

    (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42852700/ns/world_news-south_and_central_asia/ at 3:13 if you want to puke)

    You know what's disturbing me the most about this? The team managed to kill three other men, as well as the woman Osama was using as a human shield.

    We shouldn't be celebrating like this. It's not a fucking soccer match.

  4. I feel the exact same way. I think I know why Americans are reacting this way, obviously Bin Laden was turned into the main symbol of terrorism, evil incarnate, after 9.11. Crowds need simple ideas to unite around. Still, this celebration of the death of one man is pretty disturbing.

  5. I'm not angry that he's dead.

    I'm angry at the celebration of his death... that is so fucking out of line.

  6. I know, right?! I can understand and even share a certain grim satisfaction that the guy is dead, but raucous celebration?

    Maybe you know, a vigil of some description, would've been more appropriate.

  7. I agree that each time that I saw the throng of people gathered outside of the White house chanting and cheering and holding poorly made signs, I felt uncomfortable. That seen reminded me of so many images that I have seen of mobs cheering the deaths of victims of terrorism.
    I am irritated at the image of a frat-boy appearing drunk and dancing in circles with an American flag draped about is shoulders chanting "U.S.A., U.S.A..."
    And so many Americans wonder why so many countries and peoples of the world have such negative feelings for the American's in General.

  8. I see what you're saying. I mean I'm not American so I suppose I can't fully understand, but I think anyone in the 1st world worries about terrorism. It was kind of morbid to be celebrating his death like that. That being said though, terrorists (I'm sure) celebrate every person that they kill and don't worry about being crass. However, that being said doing it ourselves kinda just stoops us down to their level, which isn't good. My issue was more about the fact that people somehow think this is the end of terrorism or something and that's total crap. They killed one guy and there will be 20 more after him - someone will just take over where he left off so we're not out of the woods. Besides I would be concerned about some retaliation coming at some point for this and that's nothing to celebrate

  9. Please get off your moral high horses kids...our biggest boggieman of the last 10+ years has a bullet through his head, let the kids rejoice. Those college age kids had to see the horror and pain on the faces of adults like me when they were only 10 years old...their boggieman is goon just like the those kids who grew up in the 50s doing practice atomic war in school by hiding under their desks. Those kids (baby boomers) were very happy when the walls of berlin came down. each generation has it's boogie man, if you don't have one (collectively) then consider yourself lucky.

    Hitler would have got the same dance back in WW2 if it went down like this, but it didn't.

    As for the Canadian douche above...I can only say you guys do this when teams when Hockey championships and burn cities to the ground when Axle Rose doesn't show up...same difference if my kid is a idiot for dancing in the streets you are too for a meaningless hockey game.

  10. My thoughts exactly. When I first heard that he was killed my reaction was, "Oh. Ok." So now what? Exaggerate our love of blood lust by cheering or move on with our lives and start picking up the pieces of what's left of our country?

    People often disappoint me.

  11. Kim; Exactly my point. When Americans start behaving exactly like the people they see as 'evil', with what sanity and with what temerity can they then keep casting these people as the 'villains'?

    Carboncow; You may have a point if Osama Bin Laden was the undisputed head of every islamic terror organisation in existence. You may have a point if the death of Osama meant the end of terrorism. You may have a point if Osama hadn't been living cosily in a mansion within the heart of the country the US has been pouring money into.

    Of course, the opposite is true. Terrorism is alive and kicking, we can expect backlash for his death, and we can equally expect someone just as influential, charismatic and full of hatred to take his place.

    Nothing is over. Nothing has been solved, except that the US has managed to save face, a little.

    The death of one man does not merit riotous celebrations in the streets, when his death doesn't change much about the situation. When you celebrate the death of Osama, you are showing joy at the fact that a man is dead. Not that terrorism is dead, not that peace now reigns.. you are celebrating death.

    Also; celebrating the winning of a hockey team is just a TINY bit different to celebrating the death of what was essentially just a figurehead.

  12. I saw this and was disgiusted as well, I couldnt believe it. On our news when the towers fell we showed video of people in Iraq dancing in the street and were disgusted with their demonstrations... how is this any different?
    The only difference is which side of the stadium you're sitting on.
    They believe in their cause and we believe in ours, when we behave like they do, we show that we're no better than them.

    I totally agree, nothing was accomplished. I don't understand why everyone acts as if this is the end, when in all likelyhood we've just created a whole new generation of martyrs willing to die for their cause.

    I came across your blog while deciding if a topic for my new blog would be considered "adult content". I think it's ridiculous the things we, as a culture, consider "offensive".
    I decided not to blog about my experience as it falls under the stigma of social taboo and I don't have the balls! I absolutely admire you and your courage to stand up and say what you believe! I love your blog!

  13. Sorry to see this so late, I too was a bit disgusted about how many people were celebrating about a person's death; I mean I get it he was, in a way, our generation's Hitler, but still he was a man, a life, but no one NO ONE is truly evil and EVERYONE deserves justice (even if it ultimately ends the same way, we still need to give the guilty a Civilized trial); I mean, are we really degenerating/devolving. I too had to turn off the news (recently more and more I can't stand the news) it was really sick. Celebrate over winning a war, or the idea that we are winning or something other than a person being shot and bloodied in front of his loved ones (yes even he had loved ones) put that in perspective (to those that were celebrating).

  14. You're from Australia which tells me that you don't know the details about who exactly was celebrating. The people were celebrating at Washington D.C. were college students who were liberals and this has been reported time to time in the American media. You're misinformed, Ms. J and I need you to settle down on the assumptions.

  15. Actually, I know exactly who was celebrating, thanks.

    Firstly, I don't see why them being liberal is a significant point.

    Secondly, I don't think their political persuasions were reported in the media. How would anyone even glean that information accurately?

    And lastly, wtf is wrong with you, this post was addressed, OBVIOUSLY, to the people celebrating, regardless of political persuasion. What assumptions have I made, exactly, that lead me to be misinformed?

    Your ridiculous animosity towards liberals in particular just proves how moderate you're not.

  16. Ms. J,


    Click it. Don't tell that this wasn't remotely something that was influenced by liberalism.

  17. And how on earth do you glean from that article that the students were liberals?


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